Yung Cuz is a mutant who plays like a cross between Melting and Rebel. His ability to summon buddies gives him high firepower at the cost of lowering his maximum HP, leading to him being a high-risk high-reward character.

Features Edit

Yung Cuz starts with a Golden Revolver.

Passive - More Ammo Depending on Buddies + More Large Medkits Edit

Mini Ammo Chests drop more ammo based on the number of active buddies Yung Cuz has, increasing by 50% per buddy.

Large Medkits have a higher chance of spawning, and spawn alongside Radiation Canisters instead of replacing them.

Active - Little Buddy Edit

Yung Cuz's active takes 1/4 of your current Max HP and spawns a smaller version of himself which uses and fires the same weapon as you do. Ammo is consumed by buddies when they shoot.

Buddies take damage like Yung Cuz does, and can die. Damage to buddies is not inflicted on Yung Cuz.

If Yung Cuz ends a level with his maximum HP lowered, it resets upon entering the next level.

Throne Butt Edit

Throne Butt further increases the amount of ammo in mini ammo chests, increasing by 100% per buddy.

Ultra Mutations Edit

All Ultra Mutations send Yung Cuz to Y.V.'s Crib.

A - Git Yur Bak Edit

Yung Cuz's buddies do not spend extra ammo, but they start with 2 HP less.

B - MLG Squad Edit

Yung Cuz's buddies can be summoned for free. He can only summon 3 at a time.

C - Spam Edit

Yung Cuz's buddies can be summoned for 2 regular health instead of 1/4 of your maximum health. Cuz also regains some health upon finishing a level, a la Rebel.

D - Lag Edit

The first three hits on Yung Cuz each level do no damage.

Gameplay Edit

Useful mutations:

  • Rhino Skin - Gives Yung Cuz and his buddies extra HP, and allows him to summon one extra buddy per level.
  • Back Muscle - Makes it easier to use weapons with high ammo costs with a lot of buddies.
  • Gamma Guts - Because Gamma Guts extends to buddies, it's possible to send one out and run through weak enemies while Cuz hides out of range.
  • Tough Shell - With lowered maximum HP, Tough Shell helps Cuz's survivability, especially with many buddies out at once.
  • Rabbit Paw - Useful when you have a lot of buddies, most efficient when stacked with Throne Butt.

Unlock Method Edit

Kill a Mimic with any character.

B-Skin Edit

Go to Y.V.'s Crib (reach Level 10).

C-Skin Edit

Go to Y.V.'s Mansion by repairing the car with a Golden Screwdriver.

Trivia Edit

  • Like Y.V., pressing B with Yung Cuz causes an airhorn to play.