Sheep is a mutant used for gaining early advantages in levels, and using fast movement abilities to his advantage. Sheep has the ability to charge forward, knocking projectiles away, and dealing damage to anyone in his path. His passive ability is that enemies are friendly towards him until attacked. Sheep does not start with any weapon.

Features/Special Edit

Sheep active

[Charge] Active Ability- Charge forward, moving through 2 projectiles, dealing damages to hit enemies. Sheep will charge in the direction you are moving.

Sheep passive

[Peaceful] Passive Ability- Enemies will never attack you until you attack them; Sheep starts with no weapons. (Enemies that deal contact damage will still hit you if walken into, but wont chase/attack you in any other way).

Throne Butt Edit

You gain more control on your charge, and can move through 8 more projectiles while charging (10 total).

Ultra MutationsEdit


Charging does more damage.Enemies no longer stop you while charging.

Just a sheepEdit

Enemies dont attack unless multiple enemies have died.


Charging deflects projectiles. Move through 10 more projectiles.


Corpses float. Corpse collision causes Blood explosions. Every enemy turns into a sheep upon death.