The money gun is a weapon in the game Nuclear Throne ultra. Grabbing it in either regular and crown start mode will give you Business Hog's B skin. The ID for the money gun is 315

Money gun

Money gun as seen in the one weapon only mode


Use Edit

A single click of the money gun will waste two bullets, when clicked, the money gun will shoot bullets in the form of money, the weapon is automatic and works similarly to a pop gun that spreads around.


Fish using the money gun

Obtaining method Edit

You can obtain the Money Gun by going to YV's mansion and getting it from the golden chest, however, it is rare for this to happen. Keep going to YV's mansion and opening golden chests until you get it.

Strategy Edit

The money gun wastes a lot of ammo, Higher ammo max mutation is a must if you want to use this gun, the best character to use this gun with is Business Hog as you can buy ammo for rads, having another gun with a different ammo type is highly recommended.