Hunter has the ability to mark enemies, making the cursor follow them and making it really hard to miss. He has a passive ability to make all his projectiles faster.

Features Edit

Hunter begins with his own sniper rifle and bullet type ammo.

Sniper has a passive projectile speed bonus, making easier hitting enemies from a safe distance, especially when the enemy is marked.

Special Edit

When Hunter's active ability is used on an enemy, the cursor will change into a sharper version and will follow the marked enemies hitbox. Enemies can be unmarked if the active ability is used again. This active can help in dangerous situations by letting you focus on dodging instead of aiming.

Throne Butt Edit

Marked enemies take more damage, meaning that marking helps you take down bigger enemies by prioritizing them and making them take more damage. Also, the marking cursor becomes green.

Ultra Mutations Edit

Hunter u 1

Safe distance Edit

The further away you are from an enemy, the more damage you do to it.

Hunter u 2

Never miss Edit

All shots home in on enemies.

Hunter u 3

Focused fire Edit

Projectiles move towards the marker.

Hunter u 4

Crack shot Edit

Place up to three markers. If two or three markers are placed, Hunter will shoot at all targets, consuming x2 or x3 ammo.


Useful Mutations:

  • Sharp Stress - A higher fire rate is very useful with Hunter's passive ability, especially with rapid-fire, automated weapons like the Machinegun or the Gatling Slugger.
  • Bolt Marrow - You will almost never miss if you use a bolt weapon with Hunter's active ability.
  • Scarier Face - With the Throne Butt mutation that causes marked ennemies to take more damage, you can one-shot even more ennemies if they have less health.
  • Eagle Eyes - Very useful when using Hunter's Active with weapons that have a small spread such as Auto Crossbow or Double Machinegun.

Unlock Method Edit

Deflect a Sniper's bullet back at it. Works with Crystal's Active.