Don't let this old man's looks fool you; Humphry is very skilled, and rewards accuracy with a stacking damage boost.

Features Edit

Humphry has "skill", which is indicated by an icon below his ammo counters. Skill increases per hit from a weapon, and Humphry gains damage and accuracy with each point of skill. Skill resets upon missing.

Throne Butt makes it so that, instead of losing skill all at once, Humphry's skill meter diminishes rapidly, but not all at once. Humphrey will gain 1 HP per 10 skill lost, and getting a hit will stop the meter from dropping.

Special Edit

Humphry can sprint by holding down RMB, allowing him to move as fast as if he had Extra Feet.

Ultra Mutations Edit

Experienced Edit

Good Ol' Humphry gains 2 skill points per hit instead of 1.

Rapid Mustache Growth Edit

Skill now also increases fire rate in addition to damage and accuracy.

Protective Facial Hair Edit

If Humphry takes a lethal blow with over 20 skill points, he will survive with 1 HP and his skill reset to 0. (If Humphry has Strong Spirit, that takes effect before PFH does.)

Fruits Of Labor Edit

Increases sprint speed. Humphry is immune to contact damage while sprinting.

Gameplay Edit

Useful mutations:

  • Rage - Synergizes with Humphry's passive, giving him even more strength over time. Additionally, his passive balances out Rage's accuracy loss.
  • Extra Feet - Lets Humphry sprint even faster.
  • Throne Butt - Having Throne Butt removes a lot of the penalty for missing with Humphry, and having passive healing is never a bad thing.
  • Bolt Marrow - Reduces the chance of missing a shot with bolt weapons, which greatly augments the amount of skill points you can have.
  • Gamma Guts - Useful with the Fruits of Labor Ultra mutation, since enemies won't be able to deal contact damage to you, you'll be able to safely kill enemies such as rats, crystal spider or freaks by simply sprinting on them.

Unlock Method Edit

Defeat Big Fish with any character.

B-Skin Edit

Complete a main level after the Sewers without missing a single shot.

C-Skin Edit

Get 69 skill points.