Different gamemodes can be found and enabled in the second options menu, at the top of the character selection screen All gamemodes pose different scenarios, that enhance the gaming expirience in one way or another. There are currently 21 (22 with the normal) gamemodes. Their properties are listed below.

One Weapon OnlyEdit

In this gamemode, the player can choose any weapon in the game via selecting it in the options 2 menu. All of the weapons that get added into the game can be chosen. After the game starts, the player wont find any other weapons, and weapon chests will simply give ammo.

Unlock Method: Reach Wonderland using only a revolver. (Golden and Rusty revolvers also count)

Favourable BuildEdit

Favorourable Build gamemode replaces all weapons in chests with one of those weapons: 

  • Super plasma Cannon;
  • Energy Sword;
  • Auto Crossbow;
  • Super Crossbow;
  • Super Laser Sword Gun;
  • Super Auto Crossbow;
  • Heavy Auto Crossbow;
  • Super Heavy Auto Crossbow;
  • Double Super Plasma Cannon.

Also, the droprate of mini medkits and ammo chests is greatly increased.

Unlock Method: Pick up any of the above weapons.

No HudEdit

All hud is disabled, meaning that there's no way of knowing how much ammo, health or radiation you have. Also, the mutation icons are disabled too.

Unlock Method: Kill a Thief.

Wall Is LavaEdit

Any walls touched cause immediate death.

Unlock Method: Stand in lava.

1 HP EqualityEdit

Max hp is affixed at one and cannot be increased. All enemies have 1 Hp as well. This does not apply to inanimate objects. (Cacti, Tires, Cars)

Unlock Method: Take Melting's Brain Capacity ultra mutation.


All levels are much smaller and have less enemies.

Unlock Method: Clear a level in under 10 seconds.

Atom Teleport Only No WalkingEdit

The only way to move is teleportation. Atom only.

Unlock Method: Clear a level as Atom without walking.

Crown StartEdit

Spawns your character at the crown vault, so any crown can be chosen. Weapon mods do not spawn in the next crown vault you visit, but they do in the one after that.

Unlock Method: Access a crown vault.

Easy ModeEdit

Enemy health and amount of enemies is reduced.

Unlock Method: Die on 1-1.

Random levelsEdit

After completing a level, which location/level will be next is chosen randomly. Loops still exist, but now loops start after completing a set amount of levels.

Gun GameEdit

Each time an enemy is killed, your weapon gets randomly replaced with a new one.

Unlock Method: Pick up 50 weapons in one run.

Hunter Only Shoot When MarkedEdit

Allows shooting enemies as Hunter only while they are marked.

Unlock Method: Kill all main bosses as Hunter while they are marked.

Rocket Glove Only No WalkingEdit

The only way of movement is through usage of the rocket glove.

Unlock Method: Pick up the Rocket Glove.

Fish's Partner Only No WeaponsEdit

Your character starts with a companion and no weapons. No weapons drop.

Unlock Method: Take Fish's Brothers In Arms ultra mutation.

No MutationsEdit

Level cap always stays at one.

Unlock Method: Reach the Scrapyard at level 1.

Spike trapsEdit

Spike traps spawn in great amounts across levels. Stepping on one will instantly kill you.

Unlock Method: Reach Crystal Caves on 400% screenshake.

Cheats Edit

No current functionality. Will function in future.

Unlock Method: Unlock everything else.

No Elite I.D.P.D.Edit

Elite I.D.P.D. don't spawn.

Unlock Method: Destroy an I.D.P.D. van.

Disc RoomEdit

Spawns discs projectiles on the level which harm you. The amount of discs and the damage discs deal can be changed in the menu.

Unlock Method: Die to a disc.

Agoraphobia Edit

The levels are generated much larger and spawn more enemies.

Unlock Method: Take 10 minutes to complete a level.

Loop Start Edit

Start on Loop 1.

Unlock Method: Loop with any character and get to the sewers 1.

Chaos Mod's Infinite Levels Slow Leveling Edit

Level cap is removed, but leveling up requires double the usual radiation.

Unlock Method: Defeat Inverted Cheshire Cat (Working Temporary).