Frog is based on the Ballguy enemies and shares some of their attributes. Frog can be difficult to control but due to its toxic immunity and gas spreading ability, it can control its surroundings quite well.

Features Edit

Unlike every other character in the game, Frog has to move constantly. Tapping any movement key will cause Frog to turn in that direction and walk straight, bouncing off any walls it collides with. The only way to stop its movement is to use Frog's special ability.

Frog is also immune to toxins and will take no damage from toxic clouds.

Special Edit

Frog will stop moving for as long as you hold the button, then release a bunch of toxic clouds based on how long you've held it for. A single toxic cloud deals 3 damage on contact with an enemy and after that disperses. Toxic clouds don't deal damage to destructible objects.

Throne Butt Edit

Frog's Throne Butt causes all toxic gas to spread further and faster. Toxic gas now also homes in on enemies.

Ultra Mutations Edit

Frog distance

Distance Edit

Causes rads dropped by enemies and Radiation Canisters to emit toxic gas.

Frog incimacy

Intimacy Edit

Frog continuously spreads toxic gas as it moves.

This also affects Frog's active ability, which instead of charging a big cloud of gas, will release it as you hold down the button.

Robot c

Momma Edit

Your active now creates friendly Ballguys that behave as normal enemy Ballguys do.

Robot d

Potency Edit

Normalizes Frog's controls and increases toxic damage.

Gameplay Edit

Useful mutations:
  • Throne Butt - Makes the toxic clouds spread faster. Homing gas is also very useful, especially with weapons like the Toxic Ion Cannon.
  • Gamma Guts - Helps pad against the downside of constantly moving.
  • Power Craving - Gives more chances to get toxic weapons without having to rely on inverted levels or Crown Vaults.

Mutations to avoid

  • Hammerhead - Virtually unusable on Frog due to his constant movement. Potency makes it usable, but there's still better options for Frog.

Trivia Edit

  • Frog is a golden version of the Ballguy enemy and, like them, he can't stop moving.
  • Frog likes to sing.
  • Frog was implemented in update #21.
  • Frog is voiced by Jukio Kallio who did the soundtrack for Nuclear Throne. You can hear the same kind of voice sing in the Sewers' theme.

Unlock Method Edit

Have two Super Ballguys running around at the same time.

B-Skin Edit

Kill an Inverted Super Ballguy as Frog.

C-Skin Edit

Use four different toxic weapons in one run as Frog (weapons with the toxic mod don't count).