Elementor can harness the power of elemental weapons to deal lots of damage over time to enemies. He can also do this from the safety of cover that he creates for himself.


Elementor starts with a Mini Lightning Pistol.

All Lightning, Frost, Flame and Kraken damage is increased. Frost now also deals damage over time to frozen enemies.


Elementor can create walls to obstruct enemies by right-clicking empty space. These walls are destroyed by shooting or walking into them, and block most enemy attacks (except lasers and explosions). They create debris when destroyed; this debris can damage enemies.

Throne Butt makes it so that created walls deflect enemy projectiles. It also, interestingly, creates levels with more natural cover.

Ultra MutationsEdit


Created walls are impervious to enemy attacks. They can still be destroyed by walking through them.

Ice ColdEdit

Walls create more debris when destroyed; this debris is stronger and can home in on and freeze enemies.

Burning HotEdit

Flame weapons do more damage, and their flames home in on enemies. Additionally, Elementor now leaves a trail of fire when he moves.

Thunder BombEdit

Lightning weapons convert the energy ammo spent into half the explosive ammo. Also increases fire rate for Kraken and Lightning weapons.


Useful mutations:

  • Throne Butt: Having walls that deflect projectiles is very handy, even if they still break easily.
  • Hammerhead: Being able to destroy walls and then create new ones allows for some outside the box tactics, and lets Elementor attack from hard-to-reach places.
  • Laser Brain: Further increases the power (and range) of lightning weapons.
  • Shotgun Shoulders: As most flame weapons use shells, Shotgun Shoulders allows for them to travel much further distances. Combine with Burning Hot for even more fiery fun.
  • Power Craving: Elementor's passive also affects damage done by weapon modifications, so having mods on all weapons increases potential bonus damage.

Unlock MethodEdit

Take the Heavy Heart mutation with any character.

B Skin Edit

Set a frozen enemy on fire.

C Skin Edit

Clear any main level after the Sewers without firing.


  • Elementor was added in Update 21.
  • Prior to Update 21, Elementor's active ability belonged to Viking.
  • Prior to Update 23, Elementor started with a Frost Pistol. This was changed due to the lack of early game Lightning weapons.
  • Elementor's B Skin is a reference to Zenyatta from Overwatch, while his C Skin is a reference to Doctor Strange.