Doctor has the benefit of all mutations having additional benefits, at the cost of less radiation. He can also convert Health into Rads, for a delicate balance of risk and reward.

Features Edit

Doctor begins with a revolver and a standardĀ amount of ammo.
Every mutation's effects are either slightly increased (EX: Rhino Skin gives 5 max health instead of 4) or have some added benefits. (EX: Patience allows you to select another mutation instantly)
Doctor receives one less rad from all sources. Also, radiation canisters are much less likely to spawn.

Special Edit

Doctor can convert 1 health into a pile of 16 rads.

Throne Butt Edit

With throne butt, Doctor's active now creates 26 rads.

Ultra MutationsEdit


Even better Weapon-Specific Mutations.

Plague Doctor Edit

Changes your Special to: Infest enemies in a medium radius of the mouse cursor using rads. Infested enemies are surrounded by purple smoke and periodically take damage until they die. Works through walls.

Necromancer Edit

Changes your Special to: Raise corpses in a large radius around your cursor into friendly Freaks, which seek out enemies and detonate in a blood explosion on them, leaving behind 1 rad. Works through walls.


All of your projectiles briefly put enemies to sleep.

Gameplay Edit

Doctor's abilities allow him to quickly gain levels at the cost of health, making for a balance of risk/reward, crown of life makes you able to exchange leftover health for rads and get it back on the next level. Most mutations are slightly better as Doctor, allowing for some increased flexibility with creating a build. Doctor's ultras B and C completely replace his active ability with two alternate, incredibly potent abilities, and as a result, these new abilities aren't affected by Throne Butt, so be careful choosing it if you intend to use one of these ultras.
Useful mutations:
  • Rhino Skin - Increases your max HP by 5, improving your survivability, and giving you a larger pool of health to sacrifice for rads.
  • Blood Lust - Allows you to use your active to gain rads more frequently.
  • Rabbit Paw - Increases the chances of medkit drops which may be used for your active.
  • Plutonium Hunger - Reduces the distance you have to walk to grab a medkit and rads, letting you stay safely out of danger.
  • Sharp Stress - Increases DPS the lower you have your health, creating an added benefit to going lower with your active.
  • Strong Spirit - Gives you an extra hit and brief invincibility if you were to take lethal damage from a hit, helping to mitigate the risk of lower health. Recharges at 75% health.
  • Second Stomach - Doubles the amount of health from any medkit, and thus doubles the amount of rads you can receive from them.
  • Rage - Continues stacking despite being hit, allowing for an incredible increase in firerate and droprate over the course of a run.

Trivia Edit

  • Doctor was added in update 21 of the Ultra Mod.
  • Doctor cannot use his active while near a portal.
  • It is possible for Doctor to kill himself using his active. This still generates rads, even though they cannot be collected.

Unlock Method Edit

Reach Level Ultra with any character.

B-Skin Edit

Reach Level 8 before entering the Crystal Caves.

C-Skin Edit

Die using Doctor's active