Unlike normal Nuclear throne, crowns in the Ultra mod aren't divided into pre and post loop. All crowns below can be obtained in any crown vault visited at any point.​



Randomly selects a crown.



Doesn't give you a crown, removes any you might have.

Crown of Life

Crown of Death

Fills your hp fully at the end of each level, no mini Medkit drops.

Crown of death


Lowers your max hp by one, enemies on screen take damage when you do.

Rush Crown

Rush Crown

Pickups remain on the ground for a shorter time, and are worth more.

Crown of Guns

Crown of Guns

No ammo drops, more weapon drops.

Crown of Hatred

Opposite Crown

Lose hp and gain radiation (Experience Points) over time.

Crown of blood

Crown of Blood

More enemies, each enemy drops one less rad.

Crown of Destiny

Crown of Destiny

Free mutation, only one mutation choice until crown is removed, works after ultra mutating.

Crown of Love

Crown of Hatred

No Weapon Chests, but an extra Ammo Chest.

Crown of Difficulty

Cr o d

Difficulty increases twice as much each level. 

Crown of Reincarnation

Cr o r

Reincarnate as you were when you started the run, with both your mutations and weapons reset. 

Crown of Invertion

Cr o i
Inverted area portals appear more often.
Crown of Natural Selection
Cr o n s
Increases your droprate. You no longer get rads.
Crown of Curses
Crown of Curses
Increases the chance of cursed weapons appearing.
Crown of Massacre
Cr o m
Even more enemies. Even less rads.
Crown of Popo
Cr o p
An extra I.D.P.D van spawns each level.
Crown of Apocalypse An absurd amount of enemies! Almost no rads.
Crown of Disco Changes the color of the walls each time you fire a weapon.