This page contains the characters/mutants that the player can choose in Nuclear Throne. Each character is listed with a bit of their backstory, passive and active abilities and B, C-Skins. Click on a character's icon or name in the table below for more info.

The portals are said to aid people on their journey to the Nuclear Throne, but no-one has ever returned from them. All the mutants truly believe the wormholes will take them there, but which hero will make it to the Nuclear Throne?

Characters tableEdit

Character Description
Fish Icon1


  • Fish can roll.
  • Fish gets more ammo from weapons and ammo pickups. He also starts with more ammo.
  • Throne Butt allows him to continue rolling as long as the active button is held and also allows him to move in different directions while rolling. Ammo packs give even more ammo.
Crystal icon1


  • Crystal can shield herself, reflecting certain ranged attacks.
  • Crystal has 10 max HP from the start.
  • Throne Butt makes the shield last significantly longer.
Eyes icon1


Melting icon1


  • Melting can make enemy corpses and destroyed props explode like a Blood Launcher grenade. These explosions destroy incoming bullets and cannot hurt the player. Corpses of larger enemies and larger destroyed objects cause his special to emit three explosions instead of one.
  • Melting starts with only 2 HP but gains one more rad from everything, including enemies that don't usually give rads - eg Small Green Rats.
  • Throne Butt causes his special to emit three explosions per body/object instead of one. The body/object size doesn't matter.
Plant icon1


  • Plant can shoot snares that significantly slow enemies down, preventing them from moving.
  • Plant moves faster.
  • Throne Butt makes the snares kill anything under 50% health.
Yv icon1

Y.V. (Yung Venuz)

  • Y.V. can fire a weapon twice with one button press, but with double the reload time.
  • Y.V. has an increased rate of fire with any and all weapons, which also affects his special ability.
  • Throne Butt allows him to shoot four projectiles at the same time but with triple reload time.
  • Starts with a Golden Revolver.
Steroids icon1


Robot icon1


Chicken icon2


  • Chicken can slow time affecting Chicken along with enemies and projectiles within a short radius.
  • When Chicken dies, she loses 2 max HP and can walk around headless for 5 seconds. Regaining HP will make her head grow back but max health remains lowered.
  • Throne Butt gives Chicken normal movement speed while slowing down time.
  • Starts with the Chicken Sword.
Rebel icon1


  • Rebel can sacrifice health to summon allies that shoot enemies. Cost starts at 1HP, and increases to 2HP if at least one ally is currently alive. Allies will lose health over time. Spawning another ally heals any pre-existing allies. Allies can drop ammo, health, and some rads when they die.
  • Rebel heals halfway to full health when she goes through a portal.
  • Throne Butt improves her bandit allies' rate of fire.
Skelly Icon


  • Skeleton can fire weapons for free with a chance to take damage instead.
  • Skeleton has only 4 health, moves slower, and is less accurate than other characters.
  • Throne Butt lowers the chance of taking damage with it's special ability.
  • Skeleton is a hidden character in vanilla Nuclear Throne, and is a normal character in the Nuclear Throne Ultra mod.
  • Starts with the Rusty Revolver.




  • Sheep can run forward, dealing damage in a wide melee-like swing before her. While doing so, the player can shift Sheep's tragectory to the side, but complete control of the tragectory is impossible. The damage and the size of the swing build over time while charging. 
  • Sheep can destroy one projectile while charging, but the charge will be cancelled.
  • Enemies don't engage you until you attack them, similar to Insomnia.
  • Throne Butt grants more control while charging and lets Sheep charge through five more projectiles.
  • Starts with no Weapon.




  • Viking gets one armour piece at the start of each level, which completely negates any hit, removing the armour piece in the process. Viking may only have two armour pieces at once, unless a specific Ultra Mutation or Throne Butt was chosen.
  • Viking can use one of her armour pieces to create a line of tile-destroying energy which deals huge damage.
  • Throne Butt increases armour cap by one, and makes it so Viking receives two armour pieces at the start of each level instead of one. 
  • Starts with the Viking Axe


  • Weaponsmith can combine two weapons to get a higher tier weapon. The tier of which weapon is raised is randomly selected, meaning you have a better chance to get a higher tier weapon if both weapons you combine are high tier themselves. If a weapon with a mod is combined with a weapon with no mod, the new weapon will have that mod.
  • Weaponsmith can have more mods on a single weapon .
  • Throne Butt makes weapons created by Weaponsmith's active ability an even higher tier compared to the original weapons.
  • Starts with a Revolver with a random Weapon Mod.
Business new

Business Hog

  • Business Hog can access a shop and buy ammo, health or different weapon chests, as well as a Weapon Mod by using his active ability. Buying costs rads.
  • Business Hog has a Radation Counter on the left side of the HUD, below the ammo, to see how many rads you have to spend in the shop.'
  • Every boss spawns a golden weapon chest after death.
  • Throne Butt gives a 25% discount for the shop.
  • Starts with a Golden Shotgun.
Yung Cuz

Yung Cuz

  • Yung Cuz can create Buddies- smaller clones of himself that have the same weapons as him- at the cost of half your current max HP. They are controlled by the player, alongside Cuz himself with no need of extra input. Max HP and Buddies are reset after exiting a Portal.
  • Buddies use as much ammo as a normal player would while firing each weapon, meaning that if you have two buddies you will have to deal with x3 ammo consumption. Buddies increase the amount of ammo gained from Small Ammo Chests depending on how many you have.
  • Throne Butt makes Small Ammo Chests give even more ammo depending on how many Buddies you have.
  • Starts with a Golden Revolver.
  • After getting any Ultra Mutation, goes to Y.V.'s Crib.


  • Angel can heal using a Large Ammo Chest's worth of the ammo type of the weapon currently held.
  • Angel can fly over walls, but staying above walls for too long is punished by damage. Trying to fly out of level bounds inflicts damage as well.
  • Throne Butt lowers ammo cost on healing.
  • Starts with the Rusty Revolver.


Horror icon1
  • Horror shoots a beam that uses up radiation. The beam behaves like lightning, and rads spent cannot be picked up again, regardless of whether or not you hit anything.

  • Horror gets an additional Mutation and Ultra Mutation choice when leveling up.

  • Throne Butt makes Horror's radiation beam get wider twice as fast. Using the beam for extended periods of time now heals Horror (1 HP for every 1.5 seconds).

  • Rogue can create a line of blue explosions with her Portal Strike.
  • Rogue has Blast Armour, which causes an explosion that damages enemies and destroys projectiles when she takes damage.
  • Radiation Canisters become blue Portal Strike ammunition canisters.
  • Wanted by the I.D.P.D.; they will constantly spawn and attack throughout the course of the game.
  • Throne Butt strengthens the Portal Strike explosion, causing two lines of explosions side by side. Also increases the amount of Portal Strike canisters that spawn.
  • Starts with the Rogue Rifle.
Elem tor
  • Elementor can create cover, which can be destroyed by shooting it or simply walking into it. This cover can block enemy bullets, but has a limited amount of health.
  • Elementor has stronger Frost, Fire, Lightning, and Kraken elemental effects.
  • Throne Butt makes cover reflect enemy projectiles.
  • Starts with the Mini Lighting Pistol.
  • Doctor can use his own health to create rads, but less rads drop from enemies overall.
  • Doctor has slightly better mutation effects.
  • Throne Butt makes Doctor's active give more rads.
Good Ol' Humphry
  • Humphry can sprint, increasing his speed.
  • Each shot landed gives you a stack of Skill. Stacks increase accuracy and damage. Stacks are reset after missing twice in a row. As long as at least one projectile of a shot hits, it counts as a shot landed.
  • Throne Butt causes stacks of Skill to decay rapidly instead of instantaneously when you miss, healing Humphry while they decay. Hitting another shot stops the decay.
  • Frog can stand still and charge up to release a toxic gas cloud around himself.
  • Frog cannot stop running unless using his active ability, and will bounce off walls if he collides with them.
  • Frog is immune to toxic gas.