Business Hog is a character mainly focused on the survivability. His active ability at level 10 or 11 gives him enough health and/or ammo to survive difficult situations and golden weapon chests provide good weapons. If needed, health or ammo can even be bought mid battle, making it difficult to kill Business Hog with low damage for as long as you have enough rads.

Features Edit

Business Hog starts with a Golden Shotgun.

Passive - Radmoney + Bosses Drop Golden Weapon Chests Edit

Business Hog has a rad counter under the ammo indicators, which shows the current amount of radiation you have (resets to 0 when leveling up).

In addition, all bosses drop a golden weapon chest upon death.

Active - Shop Edit

Business Ability

Business Hog can open a shop by holding RMB. The shop has several items which can be bought by rads. The items are:

  • An hp pickup (45 rads);
  • An ammo pickup (45 rads);
  • A weapon chest (75 rads);
  • An elite weapon chest (100 rads);
  • A big weapon chest (145 rads);
  • A giant golden weapon chest (600 rads);
  • A weapon mod on a pedestal (580 rads).

Throne Butt Edit

Gives a 25% discount to all shop items.

Ultra mutations Edit

A - Prosperity Edit

Business Ability ultra

Increases rad capacity to 900. Enemies drop more rads.

B - Quantity Edit

Gives additional shop items, including:

  • Damage to all enemies on screen (250 rads);
  • An armor piece (70 rads);
  • A medium weapon chest (140 rads);
  • A big hp chest (110 rads);
  • A medium ammo chest (80 rads);
  • Invulnerability for a brief period of time (250 rads);
  • An inverted level Portal (600 rads);
  • A brief max hp, damage and speed increase (300 rads);

C - Investment Edit

After reaching loop two, gives you two other character;s random ultras (it wont give you ultra mutations which you cant use due to their relation to other character's active abilities, etc.)

Reaching loop two with Ultra C unlocks Business Hog's C skin.

D - Gold digger Edit

Increases gold weapon fire rate.

Unlock Method Edit

Pick up a Golden weapon with any character.

B-Skin Edit

Pick up the Money Gun (random drop from golden weapon chests).

C-Skin Edit

Take the Investment ultra mutation, and reach Loop 2 with it.