Atom is a character focused mainly on mobility and dodging enemy projectiles, having an ability to teleport at will. 


  • While playing as Atom, all pickups despawn much quicker, encouraging teleportation.
  • Enemies have less health.


Atom can teleport to the cursor, going through all walls and enemies, but only if the location has space for him. Teleporting into walls is impossible, unless an ultra mutation (anti matter) was chosen.

Throne ButtEdit

Throne butt gives teleportation offensive capabilities, creating plasma explosions and lightning at the teleportation location. This can be used to kill smaller enemies / enemies with no contact damage without wasting ammo.

Ultra mutationsEdit


Bigger explosions. Explosive weapons and explosions deal more damage. Explosive weapons consume less ammo.


Enemies have even less health. Damaging waves of energy are constantly emitted by atom.


Energy weapons cost less ammo. Lightning does more damage and travels further.

Anti matterEdit

Allows teleporting into walls, creating a small gap on the teleportation location.

Useful Mutations Edit

  • Scarier Face - Causes ennemies to have even less health, most efficient when stacked with Proton Ultra Mutation.
  • Laser Brain - Enhances the damage dealt by Atom's starting weapon, and by teleportation if you have Throne Butt. Most efficient when stacked with Electron Ultra Mutation. As ennemies will have less health, you will be able to one-shot some of them with a single lightning ray or plasma gun projectile.
  • Gamma Guts - Allows you to kill lesser ennemies by simply teleporting on them.
  • Boiling Veins - Reduces the danger of Explosive weapons, that deal a lot of damage and synergize well with Atom's passive ability, especially when stacked with Scarier Face. Also useful with the Proton Ultra mutation.
  • Rabbit paw - Items fade more quickly with Atom's passive, so this mutation will help you if you miss some.
  • Second Stomach - If health pickups give you double HP, skipping one of them due to Atom's passive won't really be a problem.

Mutations to avoid Edit

  • Hammerhead - Not very useful when you have the Anti-Matter Ultra Mutation.